Game Day Styles

Football is back and we're celebrating with a few friends who are sharing their favorite mother/daughter game day looks for their alma maters. All children’s outfits are from the Proper Peony, one of our favorite classic children’s brands.

"Game Days mean making a gumbo or jambalaya! We always start out in the AM with College Gameday drinking coffee and then a big breakfast. Brett plays the LSU Fight Song at breakfast while he is cooking. The girls love it! That afternoon, Brett usually cooks some of his Cajun Cuisine (usually a gumbo). We watch the game with our family or our neighbors while the kids play outside. Fun times! Hoping to take Mignonne to her first game this year! GEAUX TIGERS!!” - @sweetcarolinedesigns

"When asked how she spends her Saturdays, she said, “The best way to spend the day is with the people you love. The way we boulevard - SMU speak for tailgating - has changed over the years, and now chances are we have a whole gang of little ones with us! Walking up and down the oak tree-lined campus, letting the kids run around the grass quad, and bumping into fellow fans and alumni, before cheering on our players in Ford stadium, is my kind of game day! Now that we've moved back to Florida, we still put on our red, blue, and our boots to cheer them on from afar with bubbles at the ready to celebrate a win! And with any luck, we'll be back on the Boulevard as soon as possible to root for our Mustangs in person. Pony Up!” - @gracehamlin

"When asked how her family spends football Saturdays, she said, “the Conlon’s tailgate checklist includes, a chicken nugget tray, a big ole snack board, a fully stocked bar, all TVs on and at full volume, game day outfits on point, and a WHOLE lot of team spirit!” - @meganconlonblog

"With her deep family roots, she knew from the time she was a small child that is where she wanted to go. Today, she and her family spend game day Saturdays on the Plains. Their weekend traditions include grabbing a lemonade from the infamous Toomers Corner, stopping by J&M Bookstore to purchase their game day buttons, and then heading over to eat great food and visit with friends at their tailgate before heading into the game.” - @sheheartsofstyle

“My husband and I are Georgia Southern Eagles on paper, but in our hearts, we're Georgia Bulldogs. From hearing the announcer shouting, "The Redcoats are coming! The Redcoats are coming!" to watching the lone trumpeter playing in the southwest corner of the stadium to high fiving your favorite players and cheerleaders at the Dawg Walk, there is just nothing quite like the experience that a UGA game at Sanford Stadium has to offer.” - @courtneycallicutt