Ethical Manufacturing

Our Ethical Manufacturing Process

When we started looking for a manufacturer that specialized in smocking, we found that and much more. Angele H. International LTD is a woman-owned manufacturer founded in Madagascar more than a decade ago with a mission to empower local women through work. The company helps its employees to live healthy, stable lives by providing a steady salary in exchange for beautiful artisan handiwork.

 Ninety-five percent of the craftswomen who work for Angele are either single mothers or widows. She provides full healthcare coverage for her employees and their children, including prescription drug coverage. To help the women achieve a more secure future, she also assists them in establishing retirement savings accounts, and contributes the equivalent of 13% of their salaries to the fund each month. Transportation to and from work is also provided.

 Every dress you buy directly empowers women living in one of the poorest countries in the world.