Things We Love - Kate & Beth

In the spirit of "Treat Yourself," Beth and I are sharing a list of some of the favorite things we've discovered over the past year. These include everything from beauty, clothes, tech, etc, and they have all become necessities for us. They have changed our lives for the better, cut time out of our days, and added joy. We hope they might help you too.

Read our personal experience with each of these products under the images below...

Beth and I have never had luscious eyebrows. We have always had to fill them in, use setting potions, and pray that they don't go askew. And then we found the Trio Beauty Brows products. This woman-owned brand has perfected the art of eyebrow maintenance. We recommend starting with the brow laminate and microblade trio (an Allure Best of Beauty winner in 2022). We also have fun experimenting with the brow trio stencil kit.

Living on the east coast, Kate dreads winter's arrival when the dry air doesn't just bring snowflakes but itchy scalp too. Kate had tried everything including fancy shampoos, Head and Shoulders, and exfoliating scalp scrubs. During the spring Sephora sale, she put the JVN pre-wash scalp oil in her cart and it literally changed her life. Not only does it completely take care of her dry scalp, it's also been amazing for her hair overall, making it look healthier and shinier. It's easy to apply - just leave it on for 15 mins, or if you're really desperate, overnight.

This is one of those products that we keep in our purse. It's great for touch-ups, doesn't get cakey, and is not drying but it stays really well. It's perfect for under the eye and everywhere else you might need a quick coverup.

Beth's husband uses a fancy Apple version of this product and when Kate saw it, she went on the hunt for a good dupe. This one is a winner! It not only charges your watch, phone, and air pods together, but you can also fold it into a stand and prop your phone on it. No more fighting with a bunch of different cords, especially if you keep your devices with you in your bedroom and/or when you travel!

Kate was not sold on these. They are expensive and she worried that they would hurt her ears or that she would quickly lose them! BUT, they are the single best product she has used over the past year, mainly because of the noise cancellation they provide. She was shocked at how much better airplane rides were with her air pod pros (crying babies, rude passengers, and loud engine noise are all a thing of the past). She also uses them when her husband watches football and she just wants to watch Tik Tok or be on her computer. She's always been the type of person who needs silence to really concentrate and now that silence is just a quick device away whenever she needs it.

It's definitely a personal gripe, but we don't love heavy bracelets that fall down our wrists onto the back of our hands. It just feels cumbersome and whenever we do, we count the hours until we can take them off. When we found these stretch bracelets, we immediately loved how they fit around the wrist. They are also a slightly more elevated version of all the smaller stretch gold bead bracelets that are everywhere. They come in three different sizes to fit every wrist and you can get them in gold with diamonds or with plain gold.

Every time we wear this we get compliments. It's not expensive and it's not fancy but we love it and so do others. Hot tip: the scent tends to fade quickly so dab on some vaseline before applying to your wrist and neck to make it last!

We are not huge leggings girls. We don't love super form fitting clothes, but these are on another level. Whatever material they use is magic. It's tight like any other legging but it feels like it's just skimming the skin. It's a thinner fabric with a buttery smooth texture that feels elevated. We're obsessed.

You may have noticed that Beth is a frequent traveler. She prides herself on packing efficiently while also not sacrificing her beloved beauty products at home. She has tried waaay too many makeup bags over the years and believes this one is the best yet, mainly because she can store her products on the side in full view, they don't get lost in a jumble in the bottom of the bag. Parallelle is another woman-owned brand and as their website says, "they are redefining hassle-free, organized travel for your beauty routine." Truth!

This brand likes to say that they are perfecting the no-makeup look and we have to agree. These sticks are a light touch and very dewy, perfect for mature skin on a day when you want to look fresh faced. We highly recommend.

These are a unicorn shoe that is affordable, fashionable, and comfortable. Whenever Kate and Beth wear them, girls always comment on them. They wear them with everything from smocked dresses to jeans to workout wear.