About Us

We are identical twin sisters living on opposite coasts of the U.S. who talk every day and love a good dress. A few years ago, we started dreaming about making chic, beautiful dresses that were missing from our closets. You know those hard-to-find, easy-to-wear styles that add instant polish? When you find one, it’s like winning the wardrobe lottery. You hold on to it for years and reach for it again and again. We wanted more of them, and we thought you might too.

We started with a secret weapon -- stretch smocking -- which flatters every figure. The forgiving, gathered fabric sits on top of your skin and smooths your curves for a perfect fit. We sourced 100% opaque cotton for a crisp look and designed each dress with a pop of color to add some joy to your wardrobe.

Like so many people around the 

As the world starts opening up to travel again, 

Like many people living through the pandemic, we are desperate to start traveling again. In the interim, you can throw on one of these dresses and imagine yourself walking along the curved streets of Santorini, sailing the Pacific, or sipping a fruity beverage at a beach bar.

Our dream is to bump into a fabulous woman wearing one of our dresses on the other side of the world. We hope it’s you!

With Joy,

Beth and Kate